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Smart Data

Grow your economy the smart way

Gather more data, more insight, and more understanding as to what's really going on in your place. How and when do people engage with it? What are they looking for? How much do they spend? Where do they come from? How does all of that differ by customer segment?

All this and more, in real-time, from your own Council Dashboard.

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Business Insight & Support

Pinpoint problems and provide solutions

Use your Council Dashboard to gather unrivalled insight into the performance of businesses across your area. What representation do you have from different sectors? How well do each of them perform? Does that differ between town centres and high streets?

Use real-time reporting to gather data, and then use instant communications tools at both the community and individual business level to share insight.

Community Engagement Tools

Connect in seconds. Engage for life.

Use your Council Dashboard to communicate instantly - via push notifications with advanced segmentation tools - to the different groups in your community:

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Officer Alignment

Collaborate with cross-functional teams

Assign Officers from different parts of the Council as users of your Dashboard to enable more collaborative use of data, better insight, faster analysis, and more streamlined decision-making.

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