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Opportunities for Councils to deliver more, with less.

Close the gap between budgets & priorities. Download now.


Since conception, our mission at bubltown has been to empower local, independent businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital and convenience-led world.

Everything, from our core Lcommerce platform to our augmenting sales, marketing and support operation; has been built with that mission in mind.

We have gained many great partners along the way, and one of the groups we have recognised a particularly close alignment in objectives is Councils.

Having worked alongside some of the brightest minds in the Public Sector, we have come to understand that by working together – we all stand to achieve far more of our priorities than we could hope to achieve alone, such as:

  • Supporting local, independent businesses growth
  • Increasing local footfall and spend
  • Adding value to visitor economies
  • Facilitating digital customer inclusion & transformation
  • Increasing the reach of civic engagement tools
  • Amplifying opportunities for inward investment
  • Promoting cleaner, greener, living spaces
  • Harnessing valuable data to be used in better decisions
  • Creating new direct and indirect income opportunities

But this document is not about bubltown, nor our mission. It is about you and the key opportunities that we see for you to deliver your priorities, at a time when Council resources are stretched like never before. I sincerely hope you find it useful.


What’s in this report?

With a unique blend of public, private and third sector expertise–the key points our authors want you to know about are:

  • The growing divide between budgets and expectations
  • The value of Public-Private Partnerships
  • The importance of commercial thinking
  • Where data can be employed to streamline operations & deliver service improvements

And much more of course – we don’t want to give it all away here!


Doing more with Less

Brought to you by:

A collaboration between bubltown and Coventry City Council, to combine:

  • The Private Sector
  • The Public Sector

Because we’re all part of the solution, and we can’t solve it alone. Local success is a team sport. Let’s get to it.