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73% of digital spend is mobile

Income growth requires us to capture and retain more local spend. So we need to be where the money is. The global award-winning bubltown platform will connect local people, businesses and visitors in all the ways a modern customer demands:

On-street, in-app, online, and everywhere in-between.

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Growing Places powered by bubltown create more...

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Inward Investment

They use our platform to promote local enterprise - attracting more jobs and businesses.

Local Wealth

Local spend is worth 400% more than out-of-area spend - Growing Places incentivise it.

Employment & Skills

They equip local business with the right tools & skills; growing the private sector to create jobs.


They employ omnichannel LcommerceTM to cater in full to a more digitally-native customer.

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Income growth partners

Aligned objectives & shared responsibility

Achieving growth in any business relies on clear objectives, and multiple people working together towards the same goal. It's no different for local economies.

By working together we can drive more innovation, more productivity, and create more opportunities for growth - with fewer resources.

Local growing pains? Let's beat them together

Reduce costs

Solutions to help you grow local commerce in a world affected by rising costs of living.

Build convenience

Solutions to help you grow local commerce in a world where remote working is a new norm.

Upskill business

Solutions to help you grow local commerce when businesses have limited time & digital skill.

Grow custom

Solutions to help attract more inward investment, visitors & local engagement.

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What Our Partners Think About Us

Lcommerce Benefits

A commercial approach to local growth

Download our whitepaper on the future of local commerce and see how others are starting to 'think like a business' and adopt a more commercial approach to local growth.

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