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Custom Design

Choose your own local brand and identity

This is your place, not ours. So we can customise the bubltown LcommerceTM platform to look, feel and sound exactly the way you want. Your name, your logo, your design. Our global award-winning technology.

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All-in-One Platform

The applications which unite to deliver Lcommerce

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LCommerce App

Supercharge footfall & spend whether your customers are on-the-sofa or on-the-move.

Lcommerce Website

Fuel more local engagement online when your customers are at-work or at-home.

Platform Dashboard

Data capture, visualisation & customer engagement tools for smarter growth.

Business App

A simple tool to help your local businesses capture, retain & grow footfall & spend.

Business Dashboard

Empower local businesses with easy-to-use insight & analysis that will help them grow.

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How it Works

One platform. Five pieces.

Our LcommerceTM platform consists all five core bubltown applications:

  • For Local customers: A custom LCommerceTM App & Website enables people to browse, book and buy from local businesses
  • For Local businesses: The Business Dashboard and Business App give access to all the latest local tools, tech & innovation for sustained growth
  • For Staff members: The Platform Dashboard enables you to engage your customers, analyse key data, and make decisions

The expert bubltown team are there to support you and all members of your community from start to success.

The bubltown platform powers

Great Places

Vibrant, attractive & accessible

With advances in technology, urban logistics and remote working, people no longer need to engage with our physical locations - like town centres and high streets. The bubltown LcommerceTM platform makes them want to.

Growing Places

More spend, footfall & growth

In our more digital world, the bubltown LcommerceTM platform makes it easy for local businesses to sell more, to more people, more often. That breeds more jobs, better pay, more productivity and more community pride.

Smart Places

More data, insight & impact

bubltown's next-generation LcommerceTM platform unlocks an enormous wealth of local data; empowering staff to use finite resources more quickly, and more efficiently, to deliver better economic outcomes.

Lcommerce is omnichannel

Meet local customers where they are

Capturing more local spend is essential for growth. But with customers spending more time and more money online it's essential we help local businesses meet them where they are - whether that's online, in-app, on-street, or on-the-move. bubltown powers omnichannel LcommerceTM.

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We're a partner first, platform second

From the start of your first conversation with our Partnerships team, to the day we onboard and train your first local business and record your first local transaction, right through to the sustained and ongoing growth of your LcommerceTM platform - we'll be right by your side.

Helping local businesses of all shapes, sizes & sectors to grow #wegrowtogether


Beauty & Spas

Food & Drink

Travel & Tourism

Health & Fitness

Things to Do

Personal Service


Legal & Finance

Trade & Industry

Events & Venues

B2B Services

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Drive Local Spend

Reach, engage & reward local customers

The bubltown LcommerceTM platform facilitates more local discovery, enables instant customer engagement, and incentivises people to look local first. That means more local spend, and more local footfall, from more people, more often.

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Integrations & APIs

Extend the power of your digital place

An LcommerceTM platform powered by bubltown lays the foundations for an end-to-end digital place solution, which can support businesses and customers alike.

With our open API system, you can add, extend and augment as you grow.

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