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Lcommerce Experts

We build the tech so you don't have to.

Your locale is different from everyone else's - sure you might have similar challenges - but the things that make yours tick are unique to you. You know it. We know it. And we're here to help you grow it.

We make it easy for you to win in a more digital world. We build the tools you need to adapt, change, scale and succeed. We bring the expertise you need to expand, experiment and evolve.

You need footfall, spend and income. We know how to get it for you. We're bubltown.

We power places that will win in the digital economy.

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Great Places

Vibrant places that attract more footfall, more visitors and more local spend.

Smart Places

Intelligent places that harness data for better social & economic outcomes.

Growing Places

Thriving places that grow business to create more jobs, better pay & better quality of life.

How it works

Lcommerce fuels the cycle of local success

Local economies are fragile commercial ecosystems which need four key ingredients to grow. bubltown's global award-winning LcommerceTM solution powers all of them:

More local spend from residents
Sustainable local businesses growth
More visitors staying & spending
Empowered Staff members
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"The business of buying and selling local goods and services, regardless of whether that be in person, online or from a mobile app"

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bubltown is a full cycle Lcommerce solution.


Get the digital infrastructure you need to fuel more local spend in an omnichannel world.


Our world-class team will be on your Lcommerce journeyTM with you - from start to success.


We work directly with your businesses, equipping them with all the tools & support they need.


We have a proprietary formula to help your businesses get growing in our new, more digital world. Fast

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Your success is our business.

We align our social and economic objectives with yours, which means you eliminate delivery risk and benefit from our global award-winning technology, support & expertise for a fraction of what it cost us to build.

What Our Partners Think About Us

Our amazing team become your amazing team #bubltownbonus

Designers, developers, techxperts and tinkers. Entrepreneurs, marketers, consultants and thinkers. We’re a diverse team united by a shared passion for local people, local places and local businesses – and we’re ready to change the status quo with you.

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