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Smart Solutions

A Smart City needs a Smart Economy

A smart economy is one of the key indicators which identifies a place as 'Smart'. They are founded on technological innovation, resource efficiency, sustainability and social welfare as drivers for local economic success.

Smart economies are built with bubltown.

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Smart Economies powered by bubltown use data to...

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Serve Digital Customers

They use valuable data about the way local people behave to achieve better outcomes.

Boost Local Spend

They use data to understand local purchasing habits & find untapped economic potential.

Grow Local Business

They create efficiencies & use data to help local businesses identify growth opportunities.

Attract More Visitors

They use data to understand where visitors come from and how they engage with their Place.

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Don't work harder. Partner smarter.

Partner with bubltown to access our global award-winning technology, private sector expertise, and ongoing roadmap for local innovation - all while lowering the cost of building a smart economy, decreasing your risk, and creating efficiencies.

Smart solutions to stubborn problems.

Build better data

Solutions to help you capture more local data, of better quality, with greater value.

Enable better analysis

Solutions to help staff turn data into actionable insight & recommendations.

Boost decision speed

Solutions to help you use real-time data to inform key decisions based on current information.

Continuously improve

Solutions that help you track, measure & report on the economic impact of actions taken.

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A smart approach to local growth

Download our whitepaper on the future of local commerce and see how others are rethinking the way they work to gather more data and make smarter economic decisions.

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