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On-street and In-App

73% of commerce happens on mobile!

Currently your primary channels for local commerce are your physical locations - like high streets. The dormant commercial potential to be unlocked by adding digital layers into the mix - which can be accessed via your own custom LcommerceTM App - is enormous.

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Custom Design

Choose your own local brand and identity

This is your place, not ours. That's why we can customise your bubltown LcommerceTM App to look, feel and sound exactly the way your businesses and customers would want. Your name, your logo, your design. Our global award-winning technology.

Events & Attractions

Highlight your unique local flavour

Use your custom LcommerceTM App to promote all local events and attractions; driving activity, footfall, awareness and keeping your community connected to your place.

 Local events calendar
 Local attractions & things to do
 Businesses easily add their own events
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Local Commerce

Discover local favourites & hidden gems

Use our powerful discovery features to incentivise your community to find, book and buy local goods, services, offers & deals in one place; driving footfall and spend in your local area. Your LcommerceTM App enables any local business to promote itself with powerful tools for local growth:

Automated Digital Promotion
Brick-and-mortar Data Capture Tools
Ecommerce & Mcommerce
Loyalty & Retention
Rewards, Deals & Discounts

Fuel the fires of local commerce

Your LcommerceTM App has powerful features designed to help local businesses drive footfall; like promoting great deals, to the right local customers, at the right time. Each deal is designed to help businesses achieve a specific commercial objective whilst offering customers a great price.

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Supercharge community engagement


Send notifications from your Dashboard to all your LcommerceTM App users, instantly.


Empower local businesses with powerful, easy-to-use CRM tools for better customer relations.


Send notifications from your Dashboard to all businesses using your LcommerceTM App.


Facilitate the creation of better local value chains with tools designed for easier communication.

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Drive local discovery with geo-location features

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Interactive Maps

Help people find out what's available in your area - whether that's on the doorstep or further afield.


Help people get from A to B with live travel and transport information from wherever they are.


Help people discover the distinct identities of the different parts of your place.


Signpost customers and businesses to different priority initiatives, or local services.

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